Meet the Staff

Courtney Hillyard

Courtney has been part of Activate Your Health for three years. You will see Courtney in every aspect of the office. She works directly with patients as a Chiropractic Assistant, she works at the front desk and she is charge of Human Resource for the practice. When she’s not at work, you can find Courtney at home on the farm. Something you might not know about Courtney…she loves sweets (oatmeal raisin cookies are her favorite).

Shauna Peacock

Shauna has been with Activate Your Health for 12 years. Shauna helps our patients unravel the mysteries of insurance. She has been handling insurance claims for many years even before Activate Your Health, so she can help explain even the most complex insurance issues. If you don’t see Shauna in the office, she is probably in her garden or traveling with her husband. If it’s football season, she will be watching the Chief’s game. Something you might not know about Shauna…she loves stuffed banana peppers from the garden.

Cailey Carlson

Cailey has been with Activate Your Health for eight years. She is a Chiropractic Assistant and you will find her helping patients with all aspects of their care, especially new patients. Cailey has a background in visual display and design, and the Activate Your Health office reflects her talents. If you don’t see Cailey in the office she is probably at the Robidoux Resident Theater where she volunteers her talents and watches her children participate. Something you might not know about Cailey…she loves ice cream (chocolate peanut butter to be specific) and cake.

Chelsie Krauth

Chelsie is the newest member of the Activate Your Health team. She joined the staff July 1, 2019. She is a Chiropractic Assistant in charge of the front desk. Chelsie comes from the financial services industry as a service representative and teller. Her experience with customers makes her a perfect fit as the first point of contact for our patients. When she’s not behind the front desk, you will find Chelsie behind her camera. She is also a wedding photographer. Something you may not know about Chelsie…she loves sweets (donuts are her favorite) and chicken.

Beth McDonald

Beth joined the Activate Your Health staff in April 2019. She is a Practice Representative. While you may not see her in the office, you will definitely see her out in the community. She is at festivals, fairs and community events doing complementary screenings. With a background in customer service, Beth is well suited for her role in the community. When she’s not out and about you will find Beth at her country home with her husband and son. Something you may not know about Beth…she loves lasagna and chicken.